Tips on tidying up your inbox

April 18, 2016 | No Comments | Written by Gemma C.

How many emails do you receive in your inbox every day? Do you delete email immediately or let them lie unopened in your mail box? Does the mail icon on your phone show a notification of over 1000 unread emails?

Is your inbox is untidy, overwhelmingly full and unwieldy? If yes, check out my quick tips to clean up your inbox today:

  1. Deal with the spam immediately – as soon as it comes in, click on the unsubscribe button (usually found hidden at the bottom of the email) and delete the email.
  2. Set a routine for checking emails – so they can be answered quickly, efficiently and based on priority.
  3. Organize specific emails to be sent into a folder – All of those group specific emails now go to a specific labelled folder to be reviewed all at once each day.  You can do the same to emails from family members, your boss or specific departments within your company.
  4. Create Sub-folders – Create sub-folders so you can easily move emails out of your inbox and sent box.
  5. Create a “To Do Next” Folder – if the email requires a response which will take longer than 2 minutes, move the email to a “To Do Next” folder
  6. Route emails to folders – Once read move the email to a specific folder or delete it. Do not keep it in your inbox for longer than required.
  7. Use the search option – rather than scrolling through emails, press search and put in key words. The search functions in mail boxes are highly sophisticated now and can find what you are looking for in several seconds.
  8. Highlight important emails – Mark emails that are important with high priority flags or stars to highlight their importance.
  9. Set 1 hour a month to review emails – go through your old emails and delete any that are no longer important.

By clearing up your inbox, you reduce the frustration and stress which can occur due to a lack of organization. You will also find that you increase your time and productivity by retaining an organized inbox

Remember that less is more whether in your inbox, computer hard drive or wardrobe. Keep only the emails you need.

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