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Why use aladdinPRO? I can do this in Excel or Outlook calendar.
aladdinPRO is a cloud based app. Once set up, it will automatically remind you when something expires. You do not have to worry about opening an application or your data being lost because it’s stored on your hard drive.
How often do I get email reminders?
Normally you would receive three email notifications for Expiring and Critical severities.
What is Expiring and Critical?
According to the genie, a record has two states. One is when it is due for renewal not in the near future (usually 60 days - that's when it is marked 'Expiring' in blue. When it is due for renewal in the near future (usually 10 days) it is marked 'Critical' and is shown in amber.
Where is my data stored?
Your data is stored on secure SSD servers in our datacenters and is backed up regularly.
Can I access my account on my mobile?
Yes, aladdinpro web app is mobile friendly. Also, we have released a fully features android app for you.
How so I set up notifiable groups?
Go to Settings >> General >> Contacts
How do I assign notifiable groups?
Go to notification settings of a record or a document type and choose the contact group under notifiable groups.
A domain name does not have a reference no. What reference no do I use?
Enter a unique reference that you can use to identify domain name. It doesn't have to be a number, it can be an alphanumeric.
How do I upload soft copies of a document?
Once a document is created, click on the paperclip icon to attach a file.
How safe is my data?
Your data is safely encrypted and all data communication is SSL secure.
How do I import records from Google Calendar/Outlook?
Go to Settings >> Import and follow the instructions there.
I don’t want to receive email notifications for a specific document type. What do I do?
Go to notification settings of the document type by clicking on the wrench icon and set ‘Alert Enabled’ to No.
Who all can see my data?
Only you.
How do I export the dashboard data?
Go to Genie view and click on the Export icon right next to print.
How do I change the header and footer in the notification email?
Go to Settings >> My Account >> Notifications and change it there. If you want to use a custom link replace with your custom URL
Can my colleague use my account?
Yes, you need to create a user under your account. We will send them the username and password (can be changed later) to their registered email.
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