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Minimalistic User Friendly Design

We have included all the features you have asked for. But that doesn’t make aladdipro cluttered. We have aoapted a very minimalistic, scalable and user-friendly design.

Choice of two dashboards

Aaddinpro comes with two dashboards, the genie view and the carpet view. While carpet view is helpful when you want a categorized view, genie view has expiry alerts grid, calendar and pie chart. Dashboard data can also be exported or printed.

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Cross-platform notifications

Aladdinpro sends you reminders and follow ups through email, or push notifications on mobile devices. But if you are the 'web version' types we have notification apps for PC and Mac too.

Multi-company support

It has never been easy to create and categorize expiry notifications with multiple companies. Create multiple companies and categorize your data for easy manageability. This feature comes very handy for business users.

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The Genie in your pocket

Aladdinpro is designed with the mobile you in mind. Aladdinpro is cross platform and works on all major mobile browsers. Plus, we have a fully features android app too.

Import from other apps

Do not ever worry about typing in those 100’s of records. Aladdinpro comes with an easy impor/integration feature that helps you import your records from Excel, Google and Outlook calendars.

Secure, Fast, efficient

Aladdinpro is hosted on Linode’s SSD servers which are backed up regularly. This not only makes the app load faster, but also makes sure your data is secure. All the data communication is SSL secure.

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A Place to keep all your docs

Use Aladdinpro as a document storage for all your personal/company records. Never grope around for that certain record\document when in need. Aladdinpro can store, categorize and tag your documents and are easily searchable with reference number or description.

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Multi-user and groups

What if you want all the software license expiry reminders to be sent to the IT department whereas supplier contract expiries should go to the Finance team? Thanks to multi-user support and multiple notifiable groups. You can create user groups and assign these groups to categories so that notifications specific to that category goes to only that group.