Marketing automation tools to enhance your small business

August 4, 2019 | No Comments | Written by Tracey

All problems look like a nail to a man whose only tool is a hammer. Come to think of this: While ingenuity and innovation in workmanship are genuinely appreciated,

every tool’s scope is limited to certain limits. Would you prefer using Microsoft Word over excel when filling out accounting spreadsheets? I doubt.

Even with the right marketing automation tools, CTR optimizers and professional copywriters; fortune 500 companies never get close to a 20 % close rate. Marketing is a numbers game in which automation is rewarded. Looking to streamline your lead management pipeline? Here are four marketing automation tools that have worked for other small businesses

1. HubSpot
With a $50 a month price tag on their smallest plan (1000 contacts), HubSpot marketing automation’s pricing is on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. Being a pioneer marketing automation software for small business, HubSpot may have played a big part in shaping this industry. It comes packed with all the features a small business marketer would need in their arsenal making it a worthy competitor for Salesforce’s Pardot – possibly the best automation software judging from the numerous accolades it’s received.
With customer relationship management (CRM) and automation modules; HubSpot is arguably the best one-stop-shop for small businesses looking to scale up without blowing their marketing budget on multiple tools. According to the marketing copy on their website, HubSpot CRM is an easy way of automating lead management from acquisition through nurturing and to marketing.

2. SendinBlue
With an easy to use drag and drop email builder and built-in customizable templates, SendinBlue is easy to get accustomed to. Starting at $7.37 a month, this is an entry-level tool for small businesses making the move from free marketing automation software to paid plans. In the smallest tier, you get to send up to 40,000 emails to unlimited contacts every month. These are huge numbers compared to how many emails you could send with HubSpot for the same bucks: Perhaps it’s their way of making up for their sub-par analytic tool.

3. Pardot
Salesforce’s Pardot has been the go-to software for many marketers ever since its inception back in 2006. The same easy to use interface their clients got used to has never changed and their customer support is unparalleled. When creating your first campaign, you will notice that the wizard is structured in an easy to use and logical manner. Here’s a demo video showcasing it’s best features.

4. ActiveCampaign
Even though this is more of an email marketing tool, this software is geared towards helping marketers get even higher conversions with even smaller email lists. Looking at how friendly their support team is, it’s no surprise that they’re everyone’s favorite newsletter marketing tool.
It’s obvious that the founders behind this Chicago-based company put their money and resources into automation as they have an intelligent autoresponder that has limitless conditions. Their CRM – dubbed “deals” – lets you easily manage your contact list while automating how they’re sorted. Retargeting is at the core of the “Deals” system and you could set up personalized appointments easily and even send private messages to leads. Even though their Dashboard is bloated with many features, you’ll appreciate that it gives you access to all information from one place. You could even customize site messages with it.

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