Aladdinpro as an HR reminder system

February 15, 2016 | No Comments | Written by Tracey

Stepping up to challenges has always been a part of my personality, so last November, as I walked into Emas Oil&Gas LLC to head their Talent Management Team, I knew I had my hands full. It wasn’t the profile that posed a problem but the untimely exit of the previous HR Manager. With just a backup of the employee database, it was terrifying as I realized that record keeping was not his cup of tea!

I sat up and combed the records, filled in the blanks, and noticed that there wasn’t any reminder system for due dates and documents expiry in place. From passport & visa expires to contracts with vendors and recruitment agencies, I just didn’t know how to get it together and figure out a system that would cut through the clutter. Meanwhile, I did what had to be done, I set up a team to put together the database. Overseeing, cross checking and all the while looking out for Reminder Apps that would be a one-stop solution to all my dilemma was the only thing on my mind.

A month down the line, we were finally able to get all the dates in order and the worksheet became the arterial vein we all depended on. Then earlier this year, as an ex-colleague and I were catching up, he suggested I look up Aladdinpro, an intuitive app that ensures timely expiry alerts well in advance.

That evening, I checked out As I was browsing through the site, my attention was drawn to the features of this app. Still in doubt, I decided to try out the trial version. This free trial version highlighted the ease of use & access along with the capabilities of AladdinPRO to manage key details for any organization, sending out automated reminders well in advance. At a glance, I knew that this was indeed our ticket to save the late fees, fines and the hassle of dealing with procedures in place once an expiry date has passed us by!

But like all good things come to an end, so did the free trial version and I could not resist getting the licensed version. They offer an all-in-one starter package at USD 79 per year!!!! Now, with the complete features of Aladdinpro at my fingertips, I am able to concentrate more on the issues that need more attention at work and not lost keeping tabs on dates.

Well, a good piece of advice is better served when it’s shared, so here goes….check out this app. Some of the features that will have you loving this app are its user-friendly format, easy migration of data and its encryption algorithm.

Register yourself to make most of Aladdinpro, today. I would recommend it to anyone working in HR like me.

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