7 reasons why you should use an expiry reminder app

March 19, 2015 | 1 Comment | Written by Gemma C.

Dealing with information is an aggressive business. Like many businesses, “organization” is the utmost priority. To fully be a self-sufficient, you must learn how to do things as quickly and efficiently as possible. Many things in today’s world are made to boost productivity. All that information has to be organized in some fashion. Organization can be witnessed everywhere.

For instance, calendars help organize your time, while clocks help keep track of it. Although digitization has helped us quite a bit, we are still limited by our brain’s ability to remember things.

We believe dates are stored in a tiny, isolated space in our brain. So when you have to remember a lot of them, your brain automatically discards less important dates and remembers more relevant ones. And the result is, you tend to miss important dates like your trade license expiry or visa renewal due date.  This is why we thought of creating something like Aladdinpro.

    1. Never miss a reminder – Aladdinpro buzzes you right in time. The app engine is customizable in such a way that you can set a preferred notification time – say 10 PM every day – for reminders.
    2. Always on – Aladdinpro is hosted on the cloud. Which means you do not have to worry about firing up an app or log on to a web page to see what’s expiring. Once set up, Aladdinpro will remind you through email or push notifications on your phone much prior to the expiry date.
    3. Security promise– All the data communication is secured with SSL. Your data is hosted on secure fast, servers which means you do not have to worry about your data being lost. Also, data is regularly backed up and we do not delete anything.
    4. Follow up reminders – Aladdinpro can send you follow up reminders on expiring and critical severity levels (a passport can be set to expiring before 180 days and critical before 30 days) and up to three follow up emails can be sent per severity level.
    5. Notify in groups- Aladdinpro can sent expiry notifications is groups. You might have employee visas and medical insurance documents taken care by HR, whereas domain expires and software license renewals that IT should be notified of.
    6. Import from excel – with the import engine you can import all your data from existing systems like HRMS, asset management software, accounting packages etc.
    7. Everything organized in one place – Unlike google calendar, outlook or other apps that only notifies when the date arrives, Aladdinpro helps you organize notifications based on company, document type and severity levels. A choice of two dashboards helps you see all your upcoming notifications in one place.

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