5 Reasons Why You Need to Automate Your Document Renewal Process

January 6, 2019 | No Comments | Written by Gemma C.

Imagine a crisis. You just remembered that if you don’t pick up the service contracts for a project before the deadline, which is in two hours, you’ll lose the deal. You rush, but realize that your driving license is expired. Hence, you can’t use your vehicle. You run to catch a taxi, slip and fall, end up in the hospital with a broken ankle and a hefty bill, only to discover that your medical insurance has expired.

Too dire? Well, let’s try again.

A friend calls you a day before the deadline, and you have enough time to pick the service contracts. She texted you a week before your insurance and DL expired, and you had them renewed as well. Your work wasn’t hindered. You suffered no losses. It’s a happy ending. All credits go to that friend of yours, who we’d call an automated document renewal reminder app.

A Reminder App, You Say? Don’t We Already Have That On Phones?

Fair enough! Riddle me this, would you not like an app built exclusively to track your documents? The point of any expiry reminder application is to simplify the way you keep track of renewals. If they also prioritize entries, are more efficient, convenient, and cheaper than other garden variety option, isn’t that better?

Anyways, let’s clarify with instances how an automated renewal app can save you from potential problems.

1. Never Miss a Document Renewal Because You Forgot the Deadline

In any office, every task depends on the approval of files or decisions on time from an authority or chain or authorities. In a home, visa, insurance, passport, school activities, gym memberships, etc. need to be tracked and followed on time.
An automatic reminder system can help you keep track of every document and task, remind you about the ones needed on priority and the ones which are overdue and make sure you get multiple notifications on your phone, email, and computer.

2. Easily Supervise Multiple Tasks

With an automatic reminder app, you can create entries for every task, keep track of them, set up notifications for whenever you need to be reminded of them.
You have a holistic dashboard. There’s multi-user support, in case you have a partner with similar scheduling concerns. You can also attach files or upload directly from the camera.

3. Keep All Employee Records up to Date

Your business can suffer a great deal if your employees work with an expired visa, or your work permit has lapsed. An automated reminder system can help you avoid those circumstances.
Employee visas, work permits, trade licenses, everything that could expire can be fed to the app. You’ll be notified before the deadline with plenty of time to deal with the proceedings.

4. Stay up to Speed on Your Bills

Payments are time-specific. You have to respond before a particular number of days pass, or else, you risk attracting a penalty. However, too many bills and too little time to react to them can result in a few overlooked or forgotten ones, thus causing consequences.

A reminder system can help prioritize entries according to their due date. Every time a deadline is near, a critical reminder will show up as notifications.

5. Save Time and Energy

You don’t need to go through all your documents twice a week to figure out which ones are expiring. You don’t need to open your diary and scan through the dates to spot the deadlines which are looming overhead.
Just use an automatic expiry and renewal app, feed the tasks and dates, and be notified. No sorting. No worrying.

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