5 Effective Ways to Leverage Technology and Use Your Time at Work Wisely

January 15, 2019 | No Comments | Written by Tracey

“Don’t say that you are out of time. The number of hours you get each day is identical to the hours Helen Keller, Michelangelo, and Thomas Jefferson had.”
H. Jackson Brown Jr. is right. The hours in a day are, after all, the same for us all. We merely invest them differently.

Jordan Bates, Blogger and Freethinker, stresses that efficiency isn’t about staying busy, overworking, or solely relying on time management tools. Instead, Bates writes, it’s about simplifying how you work and accomplishing more in less time. However, this ‘work smart, not hard’ philosophy, while mostly useful, does need an initial nudge to get you started in the right direction.
That’s where technology comes in. Here are five ideas for using technology to save time at work.

How Can I Use Technology to Organize and Manage My Work?

The first rule of time management-your hours are limited; as should be the opportunities and tasks that you commit to. Whether your time flies or drags will depend on how much fun you’re having with the duty you’re on. And, there’ll always be jobs that you won’t enjoy. Taxes, for instance.

Understand this before you can seek the help of time-saving technological tools. Weigh tasks and accept the ones you are genuinely interested in. Make commitments wisely. Don’t bite more than you can chew. Let’s move on to how technology can help you optimize the time you have and increase productivity.

1. Log your day
you need a clear idea of the time you spend engaged with thoughts, conversations, and activities as opposed to the time you spend ideally. Logging them will help you understand the exact amount of productivity you currently deliver in a day.

2. Shun to-do lists, try schedulers
longer lists mean undelivered expectations. The point of using an online scheduler is to assign tasks to yourself with a timestamp. When every job that you take up comes with a beginning and end schedule, you-
• Learn to concentrate on the business at hand for the time being
• Develop the discipline to keep the appointments you make

3. Plan the Interruptions
divide your working hours into available and unavailable categories. The former is for attending emails, audio and video calls, etc. Use the ‘Interruption Log Worksheet’ apps for every person who demands your attention with the exact reason and urgency level. Get back to them in your ‘available’ hours.
In your ‘unavailable’ office hours, put up a DND sign on your door and set your devices to DND as well. Then, get the work done!

4. Collaborate
Create shared groups with your workmates. Share files, hold discussions, conduct brainstorming sessions, etc. without leaving your desk. Utilize apps and services that offer multi-user support.
Asana is a good collaboration tool for teams.

5. Pre-plan the trivial decisions
trivial decisions can take a huge chunk out of your day. Avoid wasting time on them. Schedule them beforehand.
For instance, use an expiry reminder app to get notified of your expiring licenses, due payments, documents in need of an update, etc. You can fix an outlet for monthly lunch deliveries. It’ll save time and take the matter off your mind.

Own your time

You’ll find and discard many time-saving tools before you discover the right set that suits your work schedule. But, it’s paramount to understand that unless you learn the art of time-investment, no tools can help you manage your day productively.
Aladdinpro is an expiry reminder app that lets you set alerts for document renewals, expiring licenses, and other upcoming deadlines that takes your attention away from business. With the push and email mail notifications it helps you save time by reminding you of important dates well in advance.

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